Why GoPlay?

In a League of Our Own

With GoPlay, you benefit from a worldwide network of relationships with exceptional training and match facilities, high-level coaches, three-star and four-star hotels, restaurants, major airlines, professional tour managers and local guides.


Top Quality Game & Training Venues

GoPlay teams train and play games in the best venues available. GoPlay provides training at professional clubs where possible.


Games Against Equally Matched Opposition

Competition is important. Through our network of contacts, we will arrange games against equally matched opposition. Fully licensed officials will be provided.


Training Sessions with Professional Coaches

Sit back and let someone else take on training for a change. Included in each tour are training sessions with professional coaches. Coaches in our networks are fully licensed.


Professional Experience

No trip would be complete without experiencing the professional game. GoPlay will arrange visits to professional clubs, either for a game or a tour. You may also have the chance to watch the professionals train.


Top-Notch Travel Arrangements

GoPlay has contracts with the best quality accommodations, and most major airlines. We customize each sports tour, coordinating training and games with sightseeing and cultural activities, to ensure that your participants get the most out of their travel experience.


Information Deadlines

GoPlay knows how important it is to receive your flight and hotel information as early as possible. GoPlay guarantees flight times, and hotel information will be released one month after your registration deadline or nine months before departure. Whichever is sooner.


Coaches Travel Free

GoPlay coaches qualify for free travel based on a generous free-trip ratio that is decided in advance. For a group of 25, a coach will automatically stay in single rooms throughout their trip. Relax, unwind and get focused on the next game.


Guaranteed Pricing

Once a quote is accepted there will be no changes in the price for exchange rate fluctuations or airline departure fees and taxes.


Direct Billing

GoPlay has the ability to bill and collect money from each of your participants individually. Each person that registers, will be signed up to our automatic payment plan. Payments can be taken by credit/debit card, or direct from your bank account. the payment plans can be FLEXIBLE to meet your team’s needs.


Fast Fundraising

If you have a group of 25, we'll give you, a no cost, four-day trip to London for two to see a Premier League game. The trip is yours to auction, raffle or give away. All proceeds from the fundraiser go toward the cost of your team's trip. If you have less than 25, we can give you tickets for our annual draw.


24-Hour Tour Managers

With you every step of the way while overseas, our tour managers handle all the logistics to ensure your tour runs like clockwork. Tour managers are extensively trained, speak several languages. And best of all, GoPlay Tour managers are sports enthusiasts too!


You're Protected

All participants traveling with GoPlay are covered under a specialized protection plan, granting them health coverage overseas.


Risk-Free Deposits

All GoPlay participants are covered by our risk-free deposit. If the trip does not run for low numbers, then all payments will be refunded.