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When traveling on a trip, your group will come in contact with individuals that go above and beyond in enhancing your trip. From your guide who will meet you when your plane lands, and be with your group every step of your journey until you depart to fly home - to your bus driver, who can enhance the trip by being flexible – to a professional coach that leads a training session for you – the list can go on.

So collectively as a group some monies must be put aside for gratuities. Most groups will set a cost figure depending on the length of the trip and the cost. But most groups end up guessing the amount.

A suggestion from GoPlay Sports is to take care of this gratuity issue before you depart on your trip. This can be collected by the group leader before the trip. GoPlay can add to the trip cost as a line item, and a payment made to the group leader before departure to give whilst on tour.

A basic and simple example is listed below.

2% option:  Take the cost of the trip – multiple by 2% and that would be the amount every passenger pays in advance.

Example: Trip cost $3000 X 2% = $60 Then multiply that by passengers of 25 would produce a gratuity total of $1,500 to be dispersed by the Group Leader

However, GoPlay-Sports suggests that whatever you decide, the issue of gratuities should be decided prior to the trip.