Our Philosophy 


The opportunity to leave home, play the sport you love, and learn about the world first-hand is an incredible gift. That is why we believe that coaches and assistants who give their players this opportunity are the most important people around.

At GoPlay, we believe that travel changes lives; it is not just a slogan. Each member of our team has been inspired to a greater understanding of ourselves, of the world, of other people and cultures through travel.

GoPlay Sports Tours takes club, college and high school teams of all skill levels to excellent venues in Europe and the Americas. Whether you are looking for a cultural adventure with a smattering of sport, or an extreme competition experience with some sightseeing thrown in, we have the perfect trip for you.

Each trip is custom created to suit your team's unique interests and ability.


“Coaches and players need to travel, to experience different cultures and to develop more passion for their game”

Brian Ainscough
Executive Director - Boston Bolts