Ready Set Go….


Expect good level competition, expect new training methods, expect to see professional sport at it’s best, expect to return home with stories you’ll be telling family and friends for years.

Sports Program

All the matches have been selected to give you best possible competition overseas. Players from the host teams are as excited about playing a US team as you are playing them. We try where possible to have a reception with the team, so you can bond and share your sport experiences.

Training Sessions
Training session are provided by our expertly selected coaches. These coaches are from professional academies, or UEFA licenses. These session are for both players to experience what it’s like for a player overseas.

Chaperones and Leaders

Your GoPlay Guide
GoPlay Guide is well-trained and specially selected to assist your group while overseas. GoPlay Guides are a commentator, troubleshooter, stopwatch and sport enthusiasts too! He or she supervises hotel check-ins, directs the bus driver and leads all activities.

Your Group Leader
Your coach or group leader is your immediate authority on the trip. He or she has taken on a major responsibility for your parents and your team and has devoted time and energy preparing you for the trip.


GoPlay uses conveniently located hotels. We place a priority on booking hotels in good locations and safe areas, with easy access to local attractions, sports field and public transportation.

You will generally stay in hotel rooms with two, three or four beds. You will always have your own bed, unless your group requests that players can share.


You will enjoy a variety of meals en route, mixing both native and familiar cuisines depending on your area of travel. Keep an open mind and be willing to sample everything—that’s what travel is all about!

Most days, you will be served a continental or cooked breakfast and dinner. For lunch, do what the locals do; instead of having an expensive restaurant meal, they buy fresh ingredients at a local market, then put together a sandwich and have a picnic lunch in a city park.

GoPlay will try to accommodate special-needs meals including kosher, vegetarian and low salt, we cannot guarantee all requests.

Your Daily Schedule

Your daily schedule will vary depending on whether you’re on a sport-intensive program or a more leisurely sports program. Check out your tour itinerary for details, but as a general rule you can expect the following:

In the City
If you’re staying in one city for a day or two, the typical day involves a sport session with a game or training, then sightseeing or a local field trip for half the day. Many tour managers organize a local walking tour for part of the free-time period.

On the Road
If you’re traveling a whole day between cities by bus, you’ll usually have a rest stop every two to three hours. GoPlay uses fast trains for long-distance travel as often as possible, which means you spend less time traveling and more time sightseeing.